5.2.1 Surrounding Buildings

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Surrounding Buildings may be modeled as masses in both Mass Models and Detailed Models.  To include the shading effects of these, shading factors should be turned on before the Solar Loads are calculated in the Building Manager.  For updates on the progress of your calculations, leave the General Notifications tab open in the main window.  If Calculate Shading Factors are checked, the results will show the most shaded Facades in the project.

Note: For Mass objects to have a Shading Effect, they should be in the host model (linked files will currently have no effect).

Shading Results being calculated in Building Manager

For Mass models, if surrounding buildings are not modeled, the simulation feature may be used once a Surface is selected.  This will only affect Daylight Results.  Please see Section for more details on the Shading Effects of Surrounding Buildings.


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