5.2.6 Shading Animation

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The Shading Animation Viewer (A) displays the shading effects of objects on or around the model as well as self-shading.  The animation may be run, paused or specific days may be selected and viewed.  This viewer may be chosen from the main window using the icon shown at (A).

Shading Animation

Shading Animation Viewer Tool

Shading Animation Viewer – a selection of dates are provided

You may also take a capture of the shading effect at any point in time that is displayed by clicking on the camera icon.

Image capture with the button provided

Note: The Shading Viewer requires Direct X version 10 and may not be supported in Windows 7 OS and earlier. This function therefore may not display correctly with older Windows versions.

If the Viewer displays a black screen, please restart Revit to reset internal settings and open the project again.


2 minutesread

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