6.1 Performance Manager

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This window displays the current element properties in the model and compares them to Energy Code values that you select or create as a reference. It also calculates the Maximum Allowable Glazing based on that Code and other summaries such as Maximum Building Performance, Current Façade Performance and Maximum Façade Performance.

With Conceptual Mass models, there are no building elements in the model (walls, floors, roofs or glazing) and only notional glazing areas.  The values displayed then are an indication of what would be required to comply with the reference benchmarks chosen.  Moving the sliders in the Conceptual Tool, displays the value that would need to be reached to comply.

Note: These values are not written to either the Concept Revit model.  They are used only by the application in its calculations.

In the Performance Manager, you may also set the Overall Percentage Glazing by typing in a value.  You may also set the glazing on the model to the maximum allowed by the Energy Code (Max button).  A reference Energy Code may be selected for the project from the dropdown list if your region provides this or an Energy Code may be created and used. More details are provided for each feature, in the following articles.


2 minutesread

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