14.0 Detailed Model Workflow

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This will explain a workflow to successfully analyze a Detailed Revit model and the range of functions available.

It is good practice to follow a sequence for initial preparation before analysis.  You may generate the Energy Model in Revit to review any model warnings before opening FenestraPro.  If the Energy Model creates successfully, then you may proceed to open the application.  To do this under the Analysis tab (1), click on the Create Energy Model button (2).

Energy Model in Revit showing Analytical Surfaces on the model

Under the Manage tab (1) Revit may provide a list of warnings to review (2) (some may not be critical for Energy Analysis).

If the Energy Model in Revit is having issues generating successfully, review model issues first before using the application.  The Model Diagnostic Tool in the application may also be used to assist in fixing any model issues.

Review Model Preparation steps Here.


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