13.3 How adjustments affect other Surfaces

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Note: As glazing percentages are adjusted for individual Surfaces, other Surfaces that are unlocked may have their glazing increase or decrease also.  This occurs in order to maintain the overall percentage that is set in the Performance tab.  The amount of adjustment will depend on the size of the areas being changed (smaller areas will not have a large effect on other unlocked areas).

For example:

  1. 40% is set in the Performance Manager for all Surfaces on the model

    40% Overall Setting in the Performance Manager
  2. Some Surfaces are then independently set separately to 80%
Modifying some Surfaces independently of the Overall setting
  1. Remaining Surfaces that are unlocked will be adjusted (in order to maintain the overall 40% target set for the project).  The application will try to reconcile the new Surface settings at 80% and adjust others to maintain the overall 40% overall setting.  This will cause unlocked Surfaces only to be adjusted up or down.  Note: Inputting a value into the Overall Percentage Glazing and applying will override any separate settings and restore all glazed areas to this value.
Unlocked Surfaces will be adjusted to maintain the Overall Model Percentage 
  1. If Surfaces have been locked so that their glazed area cannot be changed, then those Surfaces will remain at 40% (or whatever value you have set).  If enough Surfaces are adjusted by a large enough value, the overall percentage for the model may then be forced to adjust.  The Surfaces being modified are the highest priority (the values input for these take precedent).  Surfaces that are locked will not be adjusted to accommodate others.  Unlocked Surfaces are the lowest priority and will be adjusted if necessary to maintain the overall percentage on the model.  In the example below, East, West and North Facades are locked.  South Facades are raised to 80%.  The overall value has had to change since other areas could not be adjusted (as they are locked).

    Locked Surfaces (East, West and North) will not be adjusted (they remain at 40%)
  2. If you wish to reset the model to an overall value, unlock all Facades/Surfaces and enter a value in the in the Overall Percentage Glazing box under the Performance tab and press Return on your keyboard (or use the Recalculate button under the Facades tab).

    Overall Percentage will eventually change if enough Surfaces are modified

6.  If you have some Facades/Surfaces locked and others unlocked and you Select All, the indicator will advise that selections are not unique (mixed conditions). By unchecking  the box and selecting again, this will unlock all areas.

Selections not unique (mixed conditions) when some are locked and others are locked

Note: If Auto-Distribute is used, it will only be applied to unlocked Surfaces (locked Surfaces will not have their glazing percentages adjusted).


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