8.1.3 Navigating the Excel

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The Excel Report provides a Summary tab with information on the project, Project Address, Areas, and the Solar Loads from the Building Manager.

Excel report with Summary page and detailed data

The next tab beside it, whose name is input by the User when saving to .xlsx format in FenestraPro, gives more details of the monthly Heat Gain values per Unit Floor Area by Surface and by Façade.  If several versions results are saved, you may switch between the Tabs to view the changes and compare results.

Monthly Heat Gain values per unit Floor Areas are displayed

Diagrams are also provided that display Annual Average Heat Gain per Façade and for selected months.

Excel report with Summary page and detailed data
Daylighting in the Perimeter Zone results

A breakdown of Curtain Wall Panels and Windows in the project is also provided with Orientation, Opening Areas, U-Values, Solar Transmittance and Diffuse Transmittance.

Details on glazing elements in the model are displayed


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