7.0.3 Design Area

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The 3 main areas are Setup, Design and Outputs. Within these tabs are the features and functions of the application.


Glazing, Heat Gain, Design Daylight Factor and Shading Charts are all possible. Selections may be made using the Charts to navigate through Facades/ Surfaces. Surfaces will highlight on the model in the viewer as they are selected. Use the Roll Up arrow to return to default (no selections). You can also toggle between Average and Peak values using the icon below the Charts. Colors will highlight on the model depending on the Chart used.

Glass Database

This is covered under the Glass Database section. This area is used to swap out Glass Types on model Surfaces or create Custom Glass assemblies on supplier’s websites and import these.

The Surface Fix tool can be used to define target values for a Surface and find Glass Types that achieve those values etc.

Add Windows / Add Curtain Walls

These functions are also available to generate glazing on the model. Glazing elements can be added by defining performance targets (the application will suggest dimensions if required).

2 minutesread

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