7.7.3 Mapping Analytical Properties

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Nested Panels

It is intended that the defined values for nested panel assemblies be saved to a file which will be read automatically by the main application (rather than entering values manually into Revit).  This is due to be part of a new release in the fall 2023.

Normal Glazing

Analytical properties for walls, roofs and floors are taken from the Revit elements (if the assemblies have been defined using materials, thicknesses etc).  Intended target values may be used in the application if properties are not yet defined.  Glazing types may also be defined in Revit using Type Properties.

These properties will be read by the application.  A Glass Database of Guardian, Vitro and Viracon sample products is also included and glass types may be selected here and applied to Revit elements.

The FenestraPro Glass Database must first be synced with Revit so that these entries are also applied to the Revit model.  This syncing will happen automatically after you first use the application (this may require a one-time restart of Revit).

User Defined properties may also be used in Revit for glass types (custom defined values for SHGC/VLT and U-value/R-value). FenestraPro will read these values and use them to calculate the Facade Performance and display the current values in the Model ViewerNote: if some glazed elements are set to the User Defined category, the Assign Glass function will not operate for these elements (a default glass is assigned if required when setting up your model).


2 minutesread

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