Selecting Facades/Surfaces

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If the checkbox beside a Façade is chosen, all the Surfaces on that Façade will be selected.  If the arrow beside a Façade is clicked, all the Surfaces related to that Façade will be displayed in a tree list below.

Selecting a Facade and all Surfaces within

A single Surface or multiple Surfaces may also be individually selected to view results for those selections alone.  These Surfaces will highlight on the model when selected.

If All Facades are selected, the Charts will display all Surfaces on the model for all Facades.  If no selections have been made, the Charts display the list of Facades only.

Each Surface will display an area, percentage glazing and Average Heat Gain.  Surfaces with no glazing (eg. solid walls) will display 0% glazing and zero Heat Gain.

Note: Results on the Dashboard display an average of the selected Facades/Surfaces only.

Selecting one Surface in the list (Dashboard displays results only for this Surface) 


2 minutesread

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