Building Energy Codes

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Guidance on Building Energy Codes

FenestraPro  provides general information on Local Building Codes/Regulations in this article.  As Regulations get updated and new Codes are approved, rather than prescribing a limited list of Codes, we think it is best to allow our users to control the Codes that they wish to use.

To facilitate this, Users may create their own Codes and set their own values for Glazing, Wall, Floor and Roof (U-values or R-values) in FenestraPro .

Note: Check your preferences setting under your Account profile for units to be displayed. This will be applied to the online Glass database and any created Code values.

We provide here some general guidance on current regulations for various countries and links to useful websites where users may find more detailed information.  We recommend that users check with their current local Energy Codes so that the figures applied are up to date and relevant to your project site location.

A useful link is provided below to The Global Buildings Performance Network where Energy Codes are listed for various countries.

Energy Codes Guidance




FenestraPro provides suggestions for some regions based on the project location in the Revit model.  Currently North America, Australia, the Uk and Ireland are supported with more codes being added soon.  If the location is changed in Revit, you may refresh the Codes dropdown list to get updated suggestions. For example, if a site location is selected in Revit, a suitable Code may be displayed if a region/state has defined adopted versions of ASHRAE/IECC or State Energy Codes.  Note: not all regions are currently supported and if none display as suggestions, a suitable Energy Code may be created from your Account area and sent to the application.  These custom codes will appear in the dropdown list after the Codes refresh button is used.  More regions and countries are to be added soon.

Note: modified site locations will require recalculation in the Building Manager to get updated solar data for that location.

Note: Possible suggested Energy Codes are based on the project site location and the user must decide if these are applicable.  FenestraPro assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of Code values suggested and is not prescribing any values for project use, as they may change from time to time and users are advised to confirm with their regulatory bodies and government publications as to the current applicable Building Codes that are relevant and in effect for your region/jurisdiction.

Current climate zone maps that are to be used include ASHRAE zones for the USA and California Title 24 (16 zones).  More maps and zones are to be included soon and on request.

USA Climate Zones

California Climate Zones 

Canada Climate Zones

Australia Climate Zones


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