5.2 Shading Effects

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The effects of shading can be seen in the animation viewer (labelled A in the image below) even before the Building Manager calculates any results and without including Calculate Shading Factors. The Shading Charts and results of Most Shaded Surfaces however will not be available until after the calculations have completed (and you have included the Calculate Shading Factors checkbox in the Building Manager).

Shading Viewer Tool

Note: If the Shading Calculations start in the Building Manager but do not complete (the progress bar runs but no results display), there may be issues in the model with the extents of the model elements being too far away from Revit’s internal origin.  It may be necessary to review this, since Revit has a maximum of 16km / 10 miles distance for all model elements from the internal origin.  The Internal Origin, Survey Point and Project Base Point may be turned on using Visibility Graphics in Revit to review.  If required please move the model closer to the internal origin to comply with the maximum limit, then run the Shading Calculations again in the Building Manager.


2 minutesread

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