Release Notes for FenestraPro Envelope Analysis

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This page will list the release notes for the Forma Extension: FenestraPro Envelope Analysis

  • Add Glazing Zones to your Forma model by using a slider to define Window to Wall ratios.
  • Suggested Energy Codes for selected locations (to be expanded).
  • Check compliance by comparing model performance with Energy Code values.
  • Results for Total Glazing Percentage, Overall model U-value, Heat Gain and Daylighting.
  • All areas and results currently in metric (imperial models to be supported soon!).
  • Request an Energy Code to be displayed for your project if needed (see below).
  • Support for imperial units added!  Results, areas, Energy Codes and model performance in imperial R-values.  Models with locations in the USA, will display suggested regional energy codes which may be selected and areas and results will display as imperial units.  
  • Support  added to analyze multiple buildings (or several buildings in one project).  As you select the second/third building, the same settings are used to analyze the second/third building (window to wall ratio, energy code etc).  The calculation will commence automatically when a building is selected (currently only one building can be selected and analyzed at any one time).
  • Fix when the building geometry is edited in Forma while using the FenestraPro extension.  Press ‘escape’ on your keyboard to disengage from the editing mode and select the building again to recalculate results.
  • Apply by Façade’ feature added – view and control settings independently on different Façades.  The Total WWR will then update to reflect the changes. You may set Façade percentage glazing values independently or make some solid walls (zero percentage). Facades may also be highlighted on the model to identify their location. Glazing zones on the model will also update to display the new settings. There are more details about this feature on this page HERE
  • Fixed an issue where Floor Area was a total of all internal floors – only the Ground Floor area is now displayed


2 minutesread

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